Thursday, May 21, 2020

War on all fronts

We are at war with ourselves. The puniness of man is showing now. When we work together, let it Lord be for our benefit.

What was common yesterday is no longer common. Over there is over here now. It is still the same some places. This is because they put The Lord First.

When we stop being at war, we start using that time to learn.

The discipline follows honour. There is no other way around. If you have honor, you have discipline automatically.

I have a subsciption to Tradera. I wanted the link to get others on tradera but am able only if I get three other people in this little phase.

My concern is when people ask me any question, I have no answer for them with depth. When they search my words, they will find I have no knowledge of Tradera or the Forex exchange. My experience in trading is 0.

If we teach all the people to trade, then the market will be balanced. Instead of a wobbling ship, the market will coast, and come to some destination.

Trends will be deeper. People will sense them early and adopt them quickly. Then, they will last, the ones with strength.

RIP Juan Flores.

It's time now to do something about Tradera. What will I do Lord?

I reveal 2 Kings 8:18.

"...he walked..."

So I have to walk. I must find a way. Walk to where? " the way..."

The way, the truth, the life. The Lord's Way.

I don't feel like I have to call 3 people with something I don't know. But, if I want people to come in, I can invite them to call. I will send them my number. I can broadcast to all to see if they are interested in learning how to trade.

I think having a clear foundation of what you will be selling is better than not having one. Having a sense of who else is out there too, will help.

Tradera and who? Is it tradera alone? Is this education fundamental, or all option? If it's all option, then I am selling a perspective. I sell a point of view.

I'm not into points of view. I favor instinct.

When you digest the information, you'll have a better instinct. You will allow yourself to imagine a way to participate profitably.

I think Tradera is the fastest way to do that on your own time, and with a little help also.

The people will talk you through getting more people involved. When more people view the information, then the help is there. Where two or more are "gathered", there I am in the midst, says The Lord (I'm paraphrasing.)

If turns into when after then.

So If I call 25 people with the same message, then I may get 3.

If you call everyone, then you'll get 25.

When you call your 3 to join, then send them to Manya. Have them call Manya. When she calls you back, it is to confirm the time you call in with these people. She will direct them to which call to stage.

Staging a call means staying on the line with them as they join. When you stay on the line, expect 1 hour.

I stay on the phone 1 hour max.

Maxwest phone chargers are the best.

When you get this going, this is one hour into your regular routine. Starting at 4am. When you get up, it is because all is prepared for you to do so.

It took many years to get a routine. It's work getting and keeping one.

Get the same routine going no matter where you are.

This is a cure for instability. I know this is all it's about.


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